I decided to name this article a “0 tip” article in order to make a message clear to every woman who is reading this. You are so beautiful the way you are, you are an amazing person, you can be a lot more than just a woman who gives love to an asshole who will take all of what you’re affording in granted. Stop trying to look for ideas of how to be a better wife, or how to treat your boyfriend better, and also stop surfing the net everyday to see beauty tips and make up DIYs. Put in your mind that who has a woman like is a lucky man, and that a woman like you deserve all the love in her life, all the care, all the cute gestures and amazing gifts.

       And for men, you must know that the woman is like a rose if you pour her everyday with your care and kindness, she will give you a beautiful smell. She is an amazing person, if you give her grocery, she will prepare you food. If you give her a sperm, she will give you a baby. But trust me, once you give her crap, she will give  you tons of shit.

      Dear women everywhere, put the trust in yourself, but not in anyone else. Love yourself, adore yourself, take care of yourself, spoil yourself, educate yourself and work for yourself to make all of that happen too. You are amazing, you are gorgeous, you’re everything any men on earth will ever want one day. Once you prove yourself, and you let them see how prosperous and successful you are, they’ll start chasing you everywhere.


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