Is He Really Into You Or Is He Just Playing You?

So, there is this guy you want to spend time with, but you are having a hard time getting to the bottom of his intentions—is he just being friendly, is he looking for nothing more than a hook-up or are you seeing signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend?

Is this guy interested in a serious relationship or is he just looking for a good time? Is he a manipulative asshole who only wants a booty call and to see other women or are his intentions honest? Can you trust him and put your guard down or is it better to be careful, and to play it safe to protect yourself?

These are all the things going through your mind right now, and the questions you have no answers to. Well, that is why we are here to help you with your dilemma. Here to assist you with decoding those encrypted messages men send on a daily basis and help you figure out what is actually going on in this guy’s head.

Are You Really Ready To Be His Girlfriend?

Have you just ended a long-term relationship that has left you broken and devastated or are you in a good place mentally and emotionally to be looking for a boyfriend?

These are the questions you need to answer honestly to yourself if you are intent on pursuing this guy and looking for dating advice to help you throughout. The last thing you need is a new squeeze if your heart is still healing from your previous heartbreak.

But if you feel strong and ready, then let’s find out what this man wants and if you’re the girl he secretly wants to get with!

  • First, it’s important to leave a good impression. That can be done through social media, texting or through a conversation on dating apps such as Tinder (if you’re using them to communicate with him).
  • Make sure this guy isn’t a secret commitment phobe so that you’re not wasting your precious time on a guy who flirts like a pro but can’t deliver when you need more.
  • Is he close to his friends and family or are they not part of his life? This is important because it tells about his family values and priorities. If he is distant from most of the important people in his life, isn’t that kind of a red flag?
  • How does he like spending time? Is he ambitious and driven or does he lay around all day like a couch potato, too lazy to go to the store? Laziness is not a good sign, and you should look for someone with dreams and goals!
  • What would his ex-girlfriend say if you asked her about him? How he left things in his previous relationship says a lot about his character and about him as a boyfriend. Make sure he hasn’t left her shattered and broken because you need someone who can give you peaceful closure should things not work out.
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