4. He will show his feelings

When a guy likes you for real, he isn’t scared of showing you his vulnerable side. He won’t be afraid to show how he’s really feeling because he trusts you, and he wants you to trust him before he asks you to be his official girlfriend. And this is the type of guy who won’t have trouble saying ”I love you” when the time is right.

There will never be any big secrets between the two of you. This doesn’t mean that you guys have to tell each other literally everything, white lies are allowed, but there won’t be any big, harmful secrets. You can be sure of that.

The best part is that this guy will never act passive-aggressively. Instead, he will always let you know if something you did hurt or upset him, so you can take care of it right then and not sweep it under the rug until the problems don’t have anywhere to disappear to.

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