1. Movie night

If you google “third date ideas winter”, binge watching your favorite TV shows or movies on Netflix is probably the first thing you’ll run into. Although this can be considered one of the most typical dates, it is something most couples enjoy doing in all seasons, and it will never go out of style.

This date will help you to get to know your potential partner better. You can see their movie preferences, and their opinions about different things happening in the movie you watch will help you find out more about their tastes.

Besides being a chance to casually hang out and flirt, it gives you a lot to chat about afterward; you two will surely discuss the movie and share your impressions about it. If you want this date to really be special, you should wake up your creative side and arrange a different kind of movie night.

You could invite your date to a night in, where you turn your room into a real cinema. You can bring in some special lighting, buy popcorn, and make a real spectacle of it.

Trust me—this way, you’ll give Netflix and chill a whole new dimension, and the movie you’ve watched will be a great conversation starter for the rest of the evening.

Taking your date to an open-air, outdoor cinema, where you will watch a movie surrounded by nature and where you can take a long walk in the park afterward, will also be a date worth remembering. If it gets cold, you two could snuggle as much as you want.

On the other hand, if you guys are not that much into watching movies, you can skip a movie date and instead, play some video games in the privacy of your home or somewhere outside. Forget about the prejudices that video games are for kids and nerds—relax and have a blast!

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