2. Flip a penny

One of the great date ideas includes flipping a penny. Have you run out of creative ideas of where to go, but you know that you both want to have fun or are you simply unable to find a compromise?

Well, then, flipping a penny is the perfect thing for you, and something that can make your partner fall in love with you like crazy. There are a few rules to this date, and they are pretty simple.

When you and your partner meet, let them choose a number between 10 and 20. This will be the number of times you will flip the penny in total.

To start, choose a physical direction: forward/backward OR right/left. You always need two choices but only two because there are only two sides to a penny. Now, grab a penny, and flip it.

The penny will make your decision for you. One side of the penny tells you to go left and the other one tells you to go right (or forward/backward).

Follow the penny’s decision, and every time you come to a junction, flip the penny, and let it decide in which direction you will go.

Continue flipping the penny the number of times your partner picked in the beginning. When you get to that number, stop, look around, and make a date wherever you are.

If you find yourself in front of a coffee shop, you need to have coffee there; if you are in front of a club, you need to go in; or if you find yourself in nature, just sit in the car and enjoy the view…or take a romantic walk.

You may think that this date idea is complicated to pull off, but trust me—your partner will remember it forever because it is anything but ordinary. Also, this is exactly what kind of impression you want to leave.

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