3. Questions game

Another piece of creative third date advice is to play a question game in which you ask your partner questions to get to know them better. Besides being a fun activity, this date idea will bring you more good things than you think.

It helps you get to know your partner better, and it gives you an opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light. First of all, you need to choose a quiet place for this game because obviously you can’t play it in a crowded club.

When you’ve done that, if you want to make your partner fall and stay in love with you, you both need to decide to be honest toward each other because if you don’t, this game doesn’t have any point.

Besides, if you choose to be dishonest, it will come to the surface sooner or later, and it will only show that you weren’t your true self in the beginning. Of course, it is OK if one or both of you don’t want to tackle some topics.

After all, you are just on your third date, and it is reasonable if you still want to keep some things private. When you’ve set up all the rules, you are good to go.

You can ask each other questions about your past, questions regarding the expectations of this relationship, questions about future plans and goals or some more intimate questions.

If nobody has asked for any topics to be removed from the conversation, you can also ask one another about your favorite sex positions or what the craziest place you had sex with someone is.

If you want to really make the other person think, you can ask them questions like who they would like to have dinner with, given the choice of anyone in the world, or what are their biggest regrets in life or when was the last time they were truly happy.

You could also find out your partner’s opinion of you or the feelings they might already have by asking them to name five things they like about you and five things they would gladly change about you.

Either way, maybe it is best to start with more simple questions, such as the type of music they like to listen to, who is their favorite author and why, or about the place they would most like to visit.  and see in which direction the night takes you.

It is possible for you or your partner not to be relaxed while answering the questions in the beginning but trust me—you both will open up to each other as the night goes on.

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