4. Cooking dinner together

You and your date partner have probably already had dinner as your first or second date idea, so you want to make the third one more special and different. One of the things you can do to make that happen is to have this dinner at your or your partner’s place.

Of course, you can always order takeout or check out some food trucks, but it is a better idea if you cook together. It doesn’t matter if your cooking skills are not professional or perfect; this is the way you are showing your partner that they are worthy of your efforts.

Make sure you keep things simple because cooking some extremely complicated meals will take all of your attention off of your date.

Also, you should prepare as much as possible so that you can pay most of your attention to your date when they come over. Just make sure to leave some simple tasks for your partner, so they can feel involved.

You can find numerous, different, easy dinner recipes before your partner arrives and then let them choose what you’ll be making. It will at least show that you’ve put some effort into this date.

Also, make sure not to serve anything messy or difficult to eat because getting sauce on your shirts can feel awkward for both of you. After all, this is only your third date, and you are still probably not that comfortable around each other.

It’s your choice whether you’ll get all your supplies at the farmer’s market on your own or you’ll include your date in the purchase because going to a farmer’s market together is also a great date idea.

On the other hand, if you’re not much of a cook, you can always order take out and rearrange it, telling your partner that you’ve made dinner yourself. It will be much more romantic than directly presenting your date with take out food from a restaurant!

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