6. Stargazing

Sometimes, you have wonderful and romantic date ideas but you simply can’t afford most of them. If this is the case, stargazing is perfect for everyone on a budget because it is practically free, yet memorable at the same time.

You don’t need anything for this romantic date to be perfect besides some beverages, snacks, a warm blanket and a map of the stars.

Looking at the stars has always been considered romantic, and your partner will definitely know how special they are to you if you decide to share this experience with them.

Before you plan this date, you need to take into account the weather conditions because this is an outdoor activity. Although you probably think that a night with a full moon is the best timing for observing the stars, you are actually wrong.

It would be best for you to pick a night when the moon is the smallest because otherwise, it alone will light up the sky, and it will be difficult for you to see the stars clearly. Another important thing is the setting that you choose.

This date requires a peaceful, natural environment, so you want to move away as far as possible from a crowded city for it to be more romantic…and to see the stars better. City lights make it difficult to stargaze.

Prepare some takeout from a nearby food truck or make some sandwiches if you get hungry. Also, some soft background music to help you set the mood.

If you want to come to this date prepared, research the stars a little bit, and it will help you explain some things to your date. You can also bring a map of the stars so the two of you are familiar with what you are looking at.

Just make sure that your focus always stays on your partner, no matter what.

Besides, if you or your partner has a romantic soul but a dirty mind, this date idea is perfect for you; it brings romance into the relationship, but it also gives you two a chance to snuggle, which can be the start of something more.

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