When it comes to learning how to impress him, flowers just aren’t going to cut it.Men think differently than women. And what impresses us doesn’t always impress them.But that’s what makes the dynamic fun and keeps things interesting.So when it comes to learning how to attract men, it comes down to this:

1. Have a Life of Your Own

If you learn to live your life to the fullest when he’s not there, you’ll have more good stories to tell him when he’s around.Not only does it make you more attractive, but it takes the pressure off of him.

Because when he feels like he’s the only one you come to for companionship, support, advice, – and everything between – it can become overwhelming.Sure, he wants to be those things for you, but he also wants you to live your own life.
Have your own hobbies and group of friends you spend time with. Show him that you have your own things going for you.

2. Give Him Man-Time

This is commonly overlooked when it comes to figuring out how to attract men.
Here’s why:
When you’re really into him, you want to spend as much time as you can together.
But here’s the thing:
Do you ever just want to spend time with your friends and family?
Aren’t there things you can only share with your sister or best friend?
He’s the same way.It’s easy to get busy and forget to spend time with the people we care about. So if you notice he’s been busy lately, bring it up to him.
Encourage him to go see his friends.
Because if you never give him time to do his own thing, it can come across as controlling or clingy – even when you don’t mean for it to.So tell him to go have fun. Be sweet about it. He’ll appreciate you for it. Besides, it’ll make him want to cut the night short to come back to you.

3. Be Good At Something

We’re all impressed by someone who is great at what they do.
Man or woman – it’s really attractive.
So when you excel in a certain area, people notice. And if other people are noticing, then you can bet he is too.
Whether it’s at work, a sport, or a hobby – having something you’re good at (or passionate about) makes you desirable.
He’ll want to know more about it and he’ll show more interest in you because of it. Plus, it gives him something to brag on you about to his friends and family.
You don’t have to flaunt to the world that you’re awesome at this one thing, but it doesn’t hurt to show him your successful side.

4. Take Your Affection Outside

Let him know that you notice him.
In a recent study, 97% of men (which is as close to unanimous as it gets) say they want women to show her affection in public.
Men want a woman who’s confident enough to make a move. They want you to give them the green light that it’s okay to show PDA in public.
It doesn’t mean you have to be all over him at the restaurant, but don’t shy away from being affectionate.

5. Laugh At Yourself

It shows your fun side.Sense of humor serves as a mental matchmaker between two people. It’s an important aspect of intellectual compatibility.
Part of learning how to attract men comes down to this:
 Can you make fun of yourself for the silly things you’ve done?
Can you tease him about something silly he’s done?Humor makes awkward situations less awkward, and it gives you a common ground to connect on. So laugh at yourself, laugh at him, and laugh together.
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