When trying to commit to a major life change or decision, it’s natural to get cold feet. Whether you’re taking the plunge to have kids, buy a house, quit your job, or any other major life alteration, it can be useful to have a method that helps motivate you when the going gets tough. The Proclamation Of Will tool (POW) is a great way to keep you moving forward despite the challenges that inevitably arise on the road to your dreams. The POW tool helps a person in two distinct ways. First, it assists you in boldly and clearly deciding what you want to manifest in your life. Second, it helps to keep you motivated and acting in line with your dreams despite the obstacles that inevitably arise. 

The POW tool basically has two simple steps. Step one is to decide on something you’d like to do, and by when. It’s best to choose something difficult, but important to you. It might be losing twenty pounds, running a marathon, starting your own business, or any goal you know would normally be difficult for you to achieve. Step two is to announce to various people the exact goal and date by which you plan to “will” your dream into reality. The more specific you can be about your goal, the better. With each person you confide in, you help create a momentum of energy that is helpful in manifesting your desires. In order to keep the POW tool powerful, it’s best to use it only for important life decisions. In addition, it’s critical that you consistently follow through on whatever you proclaim. Otherwise, you and your friends will eventually never believe anything you say. The power of your word is one of the most important keys for attaining personal and business success. When people see you can proclaim something and it actually gets done, their faith in you grows. More importantly, your faith in yourself increases. As your personal power grows, it becomes increasingly easier to manifest your goals. 



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