What do you absolutely love to do? It need not be a big thing. Perhaps you really love to watch football, or maybe you really enjoy baking your own bread. Often, we get so caught up in living our life that we forget to take time for life’s simple plea- pleasures. Many people find that their life is so full of responsibilities that they rarely take time for fun and adventure. If that sounds like you, then you’ll benefit by using the “Pain and Pleasure List” (PPL). The PPL is a list of at least ten things you enjoy doing and a list of ten things you don’t particularly care for. It helps you clarify what really turns you on in life and what you do only because you have to—or think you should. While we all need to do things we don’t like from time to time, life is not meant to be a series of burdens and responsibilities. By having this handy list that says so much about yourself, you’ll be able to make important changes in your life with a lot more ease. The first step in using the PPL is to simply create the list. The singular act of writing down ten things you love to do and ten you don’t care for can reveal a lot about your life.

Things i don’t like to do
  • Go to work
  • Clean the house
  • Clean the car
  • Cook
  • Attend meetings
  • Be around people you don’t like
  • Argue with the wife
Things i like to do
  • Reading a good book
  • Be around friends
  • Relax
  • Watch a good movie with the Family
  • Drive and listen to music

What this trick does is help you focus on the things you like, You must put the favorite side on priority. Don’t corner yourself and see the negative things only, spend more hours on the things you like.

he first key to changing your life and behavior is to be aware of what’s currently not working. If, after completing your own PPL, you see something you don’t like ‘ then you’ll know you’ve been denying yourself too much. You need to put pleasurable  activities at a greater level of importance in your life. Sometimes people think if they make pleasure a bigger priority, the rest of their life will fall apart. Not true. When we don’t have enough good times in our life, we become less capable and effective in our career and relationships. We pay a price. As we feel good more regularly, the “rising sea” of our emotions tends to lift the various “boats” of our life. 

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