Imagine you suddenly won or inherited a billion dollars. What would you do? You’d probably throw a big party, take the vacation you’ve always wanted to take,  and buy a nice house. Then what? Although you may think you’d simply want to retire, most billionaires continue to passionately pursue their work. Bill Gates and Donald Trump could easily retire, but they love what they do. In fact, studies show that the one thing rich people tend to have in common is that they greatly enjoy their work. When you love your career, you tend to be better at it, and are more likely to rise to the top of your field where the big bucks are. By imagining what you’d do with a billion dollars, it’s possible to gain a better idea of what you truly feel is important work to be done. 

A billion dollars is one thousand million bucks. That’s a lot of money. Would you want to help end starvation? Would you go into politics? Would you become a writer, inventor, or musician? What line of work seems like it’s so fun or so important that you’d gladly do it for free? Take a few minutes now and write down a few answers to that question. When I first looked over my billion dollar list, I became a bit depressed. After all, I wasn’t doing any of the things I had written down.

Once you’ve written down what you’d do with a billion dollars, begin in small ways to incorporate some of those activities into your life. For example, if with a billion dollars you decided that you’d work to end the abuse of animals, then why not start to work in that area now? You don’t need to quit your job to do that. You can begin by writing letters to your congressman, joining an animal rights group, or volunteering at an animal shelter. I know many people who started doing such things after they wrote out their Billion-Dollar List, and later found themselves in a paying job working for the cause they had previously volunteered for. The Billion-Dollar List helps you to think in a new, expanded manner. As you work in ways that are in line with your values and passion, you’ll feel a sense of inner fulfillment. Many people report that initially making less money at a job is a small price to pay for work that is truly rewarding. Once you’ve made your list, you’ll have a clearer sense of the direction you ultimately want to go in life. Then, you can use various tools from this and other books to help you more quickly manifest your dreams into reality. 


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