Karen stared at the lime-green words on her computer monitor. The letters wouldn’t stop bouncing around. Like a movie that slips in and out of focus, the words became dancing images of blurred colors. Although young, fit, and pretty, Karen felt old, tired, and burned out. If it weren’t for all the tension in her shoulders, she would have fallen into a sleepy puddle on top of her keyboard.She thought to herself, “What can I do to get through the rest of the day?” 

The light bulb in Karen’s brain flashed, her face brightened, and she intuitively knew exactly what she should do: trade massages with a friendly co-worker! Massage in the workplace is no longer reserved for just the wealthy, the weird, or the weary. In fact, individuals and corporations alike are finding it to be a practical and joyful way of increasing employee satisfaction and productivity. Many companies hire masseuses to demonstrate how to give a five-minute massage to a fully clothed coworker. The ooohs and aahhs that follow such demonstrations indicate that this healing art has a very bright future indeed. When you receive a massage from a co-worker, your shoulders become relaxed, and your smile becomes big and wide. When you give a brief massage to a person at work, you open the door to a deeper level of cooperation and friendship. 


My name is gladpen, i'm a social expert i've spent almost 25 years helping out couple and guiding people, and what's best than a website to share my knowledge.


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