What one trait would you say practically guarantees success in any field? Talent? Knowledge? In my opinion, the single most important trait for guaranteed  success is the ability to be consistent  in one’s efforts.   From Thomas Edison to Mahatma Gandhi, the most successful people in any field are those who can stay motivated over a long period of time. Unfortunately, people have a hard time maintaining high levels of motivation and effort. For most people, the inability to consistently act on their plans is what ultimately defeats them. Yet, there is now a method that is so simple and effective for overcoming this problem that, if you use it, your life will never be the same. 

Write a contract with yourself that states all the precise actions you’re willing to commit to do during the following week. Then write a statement that says, “For each of the items on this contract I fail to do by one week from today, I agree to rip up $2.” The threat of ripping up $2 can be an incredibly powerful motivator. In fact, it can change your life. 

And for that i came up with these following steps that should help you stay motivated:

  1. Sit in a quiet place and ask yourself, “What important things could I do this 

    week to create a life of even more inner and outer riches?” Write down whatever ideas you get.

  2. For the two, three, or four best ideas you come up with from #1, create simple

    measurable tasks you can do within the course of a single week. For example, the inner message to “treat my customers better” might lead to the action of giving them a sincere compliment when you interact with them. To increase your level of inner peace, you could put on your contract one or two stress reduction methods that you think would help you feel more relaxed. 

  3.  Write down on a single sheet of paper all the specific things you plan to do 
    by the end of one week.Then, state that for each item you fail to complete by the end of the week, you will rip up $2. Sign and date your contract.
  4. Put the contract in a place where you’ll see it daily. Bathroom mirrors are 

    good. So are car dashboards. If you have an appointment book, make sure you write down the exact time you plan to evaluate your contract. It’s important that you schedule this. If possible, make this appointment exactly one week from the writing of the contract. 

 If you can manage to make it through the first month, you’ll likely become hooked because you’ll be so pleased by the results you’re getting. When you consistently do the specific behaviors that make your life work, the quality of your life becomes incredible! 




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