The great motivational speaker Tony Robbins often says “A lot of people know what to do, but few people do what they know.” The Buddy System is a method that can  help you  take consistent  action on what  you already know will improve the quality of your life. This tool is given last in this book for a reason. The previous forty-nine methods, like any growth techniques, only work if you use them. The Buddy System is an unsurpassed way to make sure you consistently take actions that have a beneficial impact on your life. Whatever you want to create in your life, having someone who keeps you accountable to your important goals will help. A buddy can help you overcome the problems of laziness and distraction, and can be a critical ingredient that allows you to make your life a living masterpiece. 

the Buddy System works great in conjunction with the I CAN method.. There are many other advantages to using a Buddy System in your life. Besides the fact that it can greatly accelerate your progress towards achieving goals, it’s also a great way to develop a friendship.

As you ask your buddy these questions, listen carefully. You’re free to ask any related questions that come up for you from the answers your partner provides. Your goal should be to assist your partner in discovering specific behaviors that interfere with progress, as well as to remind him or her of stated important goals. Like a good coach, if your buddy needs a pep talk, give him or her an inspiring talk about the importance of realizing one’s most cherished dreams.



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