Hello gladpen, today’s talk will about love.

What’s this feeling about ? And how can we wake up one day thinking that we can no longer live without a person ?
First of all, love is something unconditional, we can imagine our charming prince as much as we want, we can build an imaginary criterias of him, but once we fall in love, we can ignore all of those conditions. You can suddenly fall in love with someone just because he treated you well once, or because he was nice, or maybe because he claimed his love for you and kept doing a lot of efforts so you can love him back.
The problem here isn’t about LOVE, but it’s about the reason why people can easily abundan such feeling, how can people easily walk out our lives as if they never existed, how can they reveal that they no longer want you or no longer LOVE you. Where is the “happily ever after”claim, and the “never gonna let you go” lie. How can people forget everything and become heartless, and how can they erase everything in a fingers’ snap ?
For those who can easily cheat, give up or let down others, be sure that the day of your relief will never come. Be sure that you will suffer as much as they did, and that karma will do her job, remember that pure people are priceless and that you will pay for every tear they cried because of you.
And to the broken ones, to the night owls who can no longer taste the sleep, to everyone who gave everything to someone who doesn’t deserve. Get up, arise, let the sun enlighten your day, put a smile on you face, look at the mirror and say that you’re amazing, you’re beautiful, you’re successful in whatever you’re doing in your life, and that it’s their loss because they lost someone marvelous like you. Put in your mind that no one lasts forever, and try to never let your heart fall again for someone who isn’t from your standards.
It will hurt, it will ache, you will suffer for days and nights, but once you pave the way for the warrior inside you to rise, you will learn a new lesson in your life journey, and you will no longer trust anyone unless he really deserves.


My name is gladpen, i'm a social expert i've spent almost 25 years helping out couple and guiding people, and what's best than a website to share my knowledge.


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